Work Less, Do More is a lead management system that gives you One Stop Solution marketing tools
An innovative platform that includes a newsletter by email and sms, connecting with systems for digital publishing, automated tools for distributing leads to advertisers, CRM sales management, system progress reports, management and control of workflows, telephone exchanges and sound management centers ... and of course a tremendous savings in resources, time and money..
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Who is it for?

Advertising agencies and campaign managers
Advertising agencies, Campaign managers CPL/PPL/SEO/PPC, Marketing managers
Businesses and Companies
Marketing and sales managers
Call Centers
Call Center and Telemarketing
Indexes and Portals
Lead producers, sites owners (indexes, portals)

Lead Management System is a cloud-based system, which will help you manage your leads very effectively.

Finally there is a system that helps you to absorb lead, with time savings, and all with a clear and convenient interface. The system includes an advanced competence in leads, allowing you to work with a number of parallel channels, with information arranged and organized. This is the performance management system operations and advertising agencies that work leads producers in advertising, but in parallel, it is also a system for managing sales and marketing network to businesses and companies, so that it closes the circle.

With a, your ability to control the process will of course leads to the max. You can track leads status in real time. You can send them to any possible and to collect the bill. You can manage your business effectively several times, and really understand how suddenly the entire process of collecting, selling, creation, management and transfer of leads is a process that can do wonders for business! Your lead manager employee will be happy.

Modules and Features

Multi Channel Marketing
Management and real-time tracking after digital advertising performance based campaigns
Sasles CRM
Perfect solution for managing sales wise, effective and advanced. From a single to multi-sales teams
Mailing System
Mail distribution or direct-mail marketing campaigns. All our template is responsive and adapts to computers and smartphones
Lead Distribution
Distribution manually or automatically, by email, sms, post, rest. Personal interface for each advertiser with leads and tasks management
Affiliate Network
Affiliate network of partners with a variety of capabilities. Surveillance reports allow to optimize all the processes in front of your partner
Ads Integration
Advanced tools for two-way integration with advertising systems such as AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook, etc.
Call Centers
Conduct a large data bases pools, call scripts, measuring the quality and performance of sales representatives
VoIP Services
Connect with VoIP infrastructure, voice records, direct dialing from within the system (Click2Call)
Real Time Reports
Connecting to carry out surveillance and control of all processes and obtaining timely information at any given time
One month free trial with no obligation!
One month free trial with no obligation!
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